where time is on your side

That’s the slogan of Marathon County, which we drove through once we finally embarked on our three-day drive to Baxter State Park. It seemed that time wasn’t on our side at all today, as our estimated departure crept from noon to one and eventually (and actually) four. We’ve been planning this trip for so long, but in the final moments of preparation, many random bits needed our attention -including the final reveal of our packs’ true weights while maxed out with food.

Most of our last minute chores pertained to our affairs, which are in various states of order and approaching deadline. But time constraints are soon to be a thing of the past – after we summit Katahdin, of course. We’ll be camped out at the base of the mile-high mountain for a few days to ensure a clear day for the ascent, and we only have a few days to get to Maine via Canada, which is a small adventure in itself. As I type this in the car on my neato bluetooth keyboard, my light source of light is partly the screen of my phone, but mostly a huge moon hanging over the scrubby and squat treeline of the Upper Peninsula – and every once and again by a rippling lunar reflection on the lake.


Milam is quick at changing the settings on his camera to properly capture the lighting (and capture my laughter at him). We stop at an excellent rest stop that has a small boardwalk over to a sandy beach, and Milam takes photographs in the dark. Alan finds a few planets through a coin-operated telescope – we all have a look before we head back on the road.


Today we drove the length of the entire section of the trail in Maine. In about five hours. Walking that mileage, on Maine terrain, will take about a month. A little less than that. We’ll be in Montreal by tomorrow night, but for now we’ve taken up a few beds in the Soo Locks Lodge in Sault Ste Marie (a city split between two countries). It’s super late now that we skipped to the next time zone. We’re on the lookout for railroad trestles when we pass into Canada.

Few nights of bed remain.

P.S. we cleared our gps map and will begin updating once we’re on the trail. You can see it here.

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